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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is a category of integrated data-driven solution that improve on how you interact and do business with your customers. Impax provides Dynamics CRM , its  applications are designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagement and sales, and deliver actionable data all in one place.

Why Dynamics CRM?

Streamline process and increase profitability in your sales,

Enable responsive customer service

Easier customer-facing function

Centralize customer information

Automate marketing interaction

marketing and service division.

Provide business intelligence

Track sales opportunity


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The service delivery is exemplary and done within the set project timelines and commitments.

Interswitch East Africa Kenya LTD

The System is now two years old and we are still receiving support from Impax .The project was a success!

Bible Society Of Kenya

Impax deloys knowledgeable resource persons and continues to provide upgrade & support services for Hardcat Asset Management software.

Communication Authority Of Kenya

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