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System Implementation

The success of any system implementation is dependent on a number of factors, amongst which the motivation, knowledge and understanding of the users of the system are of prime importance. Impax is dedicated to providing solutions to organizations not merely selling systems.

We Implement complex business systems on-time, on-budget, and without disruption to customer service or business levels. This process takes significant planning, expertise and resources. We expectedly customize softwares to meet specific business strategies and operational requirements.

Our clients benefit from the quality and continuity of a dedicated, experienced team. We are committed to making a success on each installation

Our Methodology in System implementation

Our Methodology goes beyond just implementation. It is a phased process:

  • Assessing

We objectively evaluate your operational requirements to determine the best resolution for your business challenges and gaps.

  • Building

We work with you to execute upon the system design through a combination of technical development and best-in-class operational process changes.

  • Learning

Impax Business Solutions places a great deal of importance on training and application testing. Our methodology is designed to effectively transition knowledge to the client team through mentoring and guidance.

  • Executing

We execute on the project plan and begin using your solution in a live environment. Post implementation support includes addressing any system challenges, stabilizing your workforce and ramping the operation to standard throughput levels.